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mardi 5 avril 2011

My dear Ash


Julie Kagawa a lancé ce début de semaine un concours international sur son blog. Le but étant d'écrire une lettre à notre personnage préféré. En récompense, un livre The Iron Queen dédicacé et surtout, une réponse de notre personnage sous forme de lettre. Rien que ça! Voici donc ma participation ;)

Dear Ash,

When I saw that we can write to you, I don’t hésitate. First, I know my English is not exactly the same as you, you can use the word like a weapon, you can touch people with them, so I hope I can touch you, just a little.
I discover your world, a night after my work, a world that I didn’t leave….because of you. When I met you, my heart stopped. Ice, cold like snow, yes, you are the one Winter Prince. Maybe you thought that you can’t touch people, but you touch me.  The more I read, The more I loved you, because you managed to open your heart.
Every day, I waited impatiently to find you and Meghan and Puck in your adventure. During my reading, I felt range of émotions. One moment I was affraid, one moment I was happy, one another I cried. You know, it’s easy to read my emotions on my face, sometimes I would like to be like you, to be able to hide them, like icy cold. So Ash, if you have time, (please tell me yes!!) can you teach me how to make that?
Oh I don’t tell you but I’m so happy to read your new adventure with Puck, in fact I can‘t wait!!! I know, you pretend that you are ennemies, but I’m sure that you love Puck as a best friend, don’t you? Maybe, if you want, I will be glad you tell me your feelings about it? I invite you over a good coffee cup to discuss. Hum maybe you don’t drink coffee…. In fact, I don’t really know what you eat, what your drink, have you a préférence? In any case, one day, if you pass near Belgium (Please, tell me there is a path from Never Never to me!), you have to taste waffels and why not french fries! You’ll like that!
Anyway Ash, you are my most beautiful, magical meeting this year. You are handsome, so charismatic. Meghan and you are a wonderful couple. I wish the best for you. Ash, remember you are the only one, the Winter Prince, so strong and soft at once. Please don’t give up, I swear on my true name you’ll find a way to be with Meghan again. In the meantime, do not really fighting with Puck, be Wise!!!

With love from Belgium,